9 Oct

Al still has sand from the beach. Should have cleaned that off first.

“Off you go now.”
“My violin…”

This cat really doesn’t like being held. Fell off countless times.


The First Figmas

8 Oct

Photo’s aren’t the greatest, just FYI.

Mugi and Aya arrived this morning. There was much happiness upon my desk.

In all honesty, I’m glad that I also got Mugi because Aya isn’t the best figma. All of her is made from hard PVC, so the photo opportunities won’t be as good with her, but now Mugi seems much nicer, in a way that I wouldn’t have thought of before.

The violin can be stored in the case with it’s bow, but it can’t close if the bow is inside : (

Aya is tall for a Figma (and she has this super-long neck.)

and what order is complete without a BRS?

Homecoming 2010

5 Oct

Homecoming (A welcome back to school event that happens in the beginning of every school year.) was last Friday, with the dance on Saturday. Everyone was pumped up for it.

Choir Singing the National Anthem.
I’m sure you know our school’s colors by now.


Varsity football. This is our school’s 150th anniversary, so this team will be remembered.


Then all captains of fall sports had a pie fight.

High fives for getting the girl.

This year’s pep rally wasn’t NEARLY as good as last years, despite the fact that everyone was MUCH more pumped up than last year. Hope next year is better.


Thank you for Reading.

Wanting in

3 Oct

Thank you for reading.

It’s Tough Being Little

2 Oct

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19 Sep
Somehow this past week all of my teachers managed to assign homework in every class on the days where I had major Tennis meets.
I swear they’re teaming up.
With that said, one of the re-ment sets came yesterday. I’ll need to get something to store them separately in.

Thank you for reading.

Humans x Machines

7 Sep

Just because I FAIL at gimp and had no sparklers at the time.