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Once again, another change

21 Mar

back from a long time, but here we go, moving once more, hopefully for good.



1 Jan

We are moving!

Thank you for the supporting of this blog!

After you wake up

20 Nov


Ahhh…. Weekends… I love it when you have absolutely nothing to do.


WKCE tests are over, my Mandarin Chinese test is over,  my Spanish test is over, My US history test is over.

…Life is good.

On the Piano

3 Nov

(Oh wait… wrong character)

Visiting the creek

28 Oct

This did not go as planned at all. I wanted to have the sunset light in a lot of these, like in the first shot, but my batteries died, and my replacements turned out to be dead, and then the replacements of the replacements were also dead -.-; Tossed a crapload of pictures out too.

This was taken Thursday of last week, but I wanted to have more sun-light shots, but the day I took this it was 33°F (0.5°C) and playing in the water at that temperature is not something I look forward to, and all days since then have been rained out.

What’s the cold without hot chocolate?


This week has been WKCE testing for me, so I’ll start updating again around Halloween.

Humans x Machines

7 Sep

Just because I FAIL at gimp and had no sparklers at the time.

Memory Card

4 Sep

Thank you for reading.