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Memory Card

4 Sep

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How to build a Paper play set

3 Sep

First, Cut out your props.

Then fold your edges.

Reinforce with Cardboard.


Then move in your furniture.

Remember, Safety first! Never try to cut off twin-tails!

I’ve been attempting to acquire a play set close to a figma scale for when the one I ordered comes in October, and this one should be just about right if I’ve done my measuring right. If not I’ll have to scale then remake it. The house without the roof is about 17 cm, 16 cm without the floor. I’ve reinforced the entire thing to support figures and Re-Ment Items. It’ll be fun to use.

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Sweet ‘n Pink

2 Sep

“Boy it’s hot in there!”

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Run Away!

22 Jun


365 Photo days

20 Jun

My computer has been broken, and I had final exams, so I haven’t been able to update this place in a long while. Sorry!

I was taking pictures at an activity before, and some people went back to check some images and saw some figure photos that I took, and started talking about it. Then one of my friends brought up the fact that I had a blog, and someone else asked if it was a 365 blog. The conversation proceeded, and it was decided that I could make a 365 photo blog and I would count as a personal progress project. (Personal progress is practiced in the young woman division of the LDS church, and the value projects require at least 10 hours towards it.) So I’ll be having a separate daily photo blog for this.

You can see it here; http://sayenmillarayx365.wordpress.com/

Bed of Flowers

18 Apr

The perfect place to read.

This is what I spent my Saturday doing. I took this shot outside and it was really windy, so pieces kept flying off!

Peep Racing

5 Apr


Maho: “On your mark… Get set…”