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A Petit Christmas :)

25 Dec

I ended up requesting Petit Nendos for Christmas, and they are fabulous :)

This one is going to get special attention, isn’t she cute? Note the shimpan.





19 Sep
Somehow this past week all of my teachers managed to assign homework in every class on the days where I had major Tennis meets.
I swear they’re teaming up.
With that said, one of the re-ment sets came yesterday. I’ll need to get something to store them separately in.

Thank you for reading.

Sweet ‘n Pink

2 Sep

“Boy it’s hot in there!”

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27 Feb

“That’s what jackets are for!”

Akita Neru Nendoroid

30 Jan

A result of staying home sick while being bored.
Akita Neru Nendoroid

I had been watching some Photoshop videos and was inspired to do this, but the only program I had was windows 7 paint, and anyone who has used that knows how terrible the windows 7 version is. (They really messed it up!)

So this is what I did while being sick the last two days.

(snapshot video)

Rosating Marshmallows

9 Jan

Just kidding- no Pandas today. I left my camera somewhere else, so here’s something I took way back in the middle of December.

It was snowing outside, and there was a fire going, and I immediately thought of marshmallows. we had some mini ones, so I decided to take them out for the nendoroids.

“It’s so fluffy!”
Um, Len? Your marshmallow’s burning.
Perfectionist or Failure?

New Friends

23 Oct

“Hmm… this looks like something my nendoroids could use” was the first thing that was in my head when I saw this.
These are Gogos. apperently they are some sort of toy from Europe, as an exclusive release in the U.S.
They come randomly, with three to a pack and stickers of them as well. The three that I got was Toki(left), Aka(center), and Koko(right)


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