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A Petit Christmas :)

25 Dec

I ended up requesting Petit Nendos for Christmas, and they are fabulous :)

This one is going to get special attention, isn’t she cute? Note the shimpan.




Doughnut Making

13 Oct

Doughnuts are yum.

Start by gathering your eggs, flour, etc. and mix them in a bowl.

Spilling flour is not a good idea. Very messy.

Mix the ingredients well.

after rolling the dough, cut into doughnut shape.


Couldn’t you be doing the dishes Aya?


Guess who gets the dishes?

SO exited that I got some Re-Ment today. I do wish that I could go back and retake some shots. (moreso the last two) but after cleaning up a stroke of laziness came, and hasn’t left yet.

Was this enjoyable? Yes? No?

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9 Oct

Al still has sand from the beach. Should have cleaned that off first.

“Off you go now.”
“My violin…”

This cat really doesn’t like being held. Fell off countless times.


19 Sep
Somehow this past week all of my teachers managed to assign homework in every class on the days where I had major Tennis meets.
I swear they’re teaming up.
With that said, one of the re-ment sets came yesterday. I’ll need to get something to store them separately in.

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Memory Card

4 Sep

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Sweet ‘n Pink

2 Sep

“Boy it’s hot in there!”

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Paper, Not Plastic

25 Mar
Paper not plastic

...Due to recent budget cuts, the Otaku can no longer afford the figures they had wanted so much, so had to settle for less. However, Paper's just not the same as plastic...

Just a random idea I had.
Other shots of the room;

Extra 1Extra 2
Extra 3