Rightstuff loot

7 Jan

A bunch of stuff that I ordered last week came (it was only 3 days in economy shipping. A great surprise.)


I ordered a bunch of randomness, including some belated christmas gifts and backup birthday gifts.

In the end I ordered four EXCEL SAGA cosplay caps, three of one kind, one of another.

In the end, I bought:

Panda-Z: volume 1, with bonus figure (only figure of the bunch)
Last Exile disk 1 UMD for the PSP
R.O.D. disk 1 UMD for the PSP
Last Exile Vol. 1 with soundtrack bundle
Sakura Wars: the Movie UMD for the PSP
Dragonball Z Vol. 1 (Spanish)
Ai Yori Aoshi vol.1 with soundtrack bundle
Cosplay hats (x4)
All purpose cat-girl nuku nuku manga
Graduation PC game (x3)

The DBZ disk will be given to my hispanic friend (hope I can watch it with her, as my spanish skills are terrible) In addition, I got three copies of the Graduation Game, which I’ll be playing with RiekaPyon, and We’ll both be making blog posts about it.

I’ll make a post about the Panda-Z figure tomorrow. Hearts!~

One Response to “Rightstuff loot”

  1. RiekaPyon January 7, 2010 at 9:13 PM #

    ooh! Thankies! :3
    3 days with economy? doesn’t it say 2-6 weeks?

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