Birthday Load

28 Sep

Last Monday, the 21st, was my birthday, but it seemed like just another day.

I didn’t even go shopping until Friday, and I was too lazy to even take pictures until Sunday :D

SO what I bought was Lucky-Star 1, DramaCon ultimite edition (hardcover) TMoHS(Light Novel) and Wolf’s Rain 1. I also went and bought Princess Debut, the one out of two visual novels available. (The other, My Boyfriend, is crap, BTW) Review coming later.

Miyuki seems happy to see her friends again.
Len is shy.
and Miyuki playing Princess Debut.

-End of Birthday-

Meanwhile, it turns out that my mom and sister might have the Swine Flu. What’s worse is that I was probably the vessel that gave it to them. They’re at the doctor right now.
I’m ordering a new Mousepad and one of the Nendoroid Petits from the Death Note Set and the Vocaloid Set. as well as a figuree from the Noizi Set

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